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Swim & Dive Waiver Form

The Waiver Form process was developed by the Swimming & Diving Committee to allow student athletes the opportunity to participate in the State Meet when they have not met the minimum Meet requirement.  To satisfy the CHSAA 6-Meet minimum, an athlete must compete in at least one event at 6 Meets that their school participates at (exclusive of League/Conference Varsity/A or State Meets).

Waiver Form(s) are due on Monday, February 3rd, by 8:00 a.m.  Proper documentation is also required to be submitted with each waiver. A separate Waiver Form must be submitted for each athlete with supporting documentation. The waiver form must document the beginning and ending dates of the missed Meet(s). Waivers can be submitted throughout the season as needed; all waiver decisions will be made February 6th.

Proper documentation is required to be submitted with each waiver.  For example - in an injury to an athlete, the documentation would include a note from a doctor of when the injury occurred and an additional note of the date of return-to-play was recorded.  The doctor’s notations are part of the required timeline and would be in conjunction with the Meets which the athlete did not participate in during the regular season.

Teams must COMPETE in at least six meets (exclusive of league/conference Varsity/A and state meets) during the season for any athlete to be eligible for a waiver to the 6-Meet minimum for individual athletes. Duals, double duals, triple duals, multi-team, pentathlon, and relays each count as one Meet towards your team minimum 6-Meet requirement (regardless of whether the meet has/does not have JV heats).

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